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ambuvet partner with scratch to find an affordable pet care payment plan in NY. input phone number to receive instant approval, plans as low as 0%. does not affect credit score to search for payment plans. NEW offering from ambuvet to help our clients' pets receive immediate care.
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Attention Due to the current social distancing measures, AmbuVet will deliver pets to your facility, on owners behalf; with contact free & professional admittance. Call us to schedule a client pick up. Senior Citizens or persons with disabilities & underlying conditions: AmbuVet will take your Pet to the Vet if you are unable to... Contact Us>
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Cat In a Box

To provide the best care possible, contain your feline (prior to pick up) to prevent further injury or distress. Please place your feline in a cardboard box for immediate comfort to the cat & assist us in transfer to our vehicle.

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COVID-19 • Service OPEN

We are regularly disinfecting our vehicles to comply with CDC updates. Your health is our priority- our staff are handshake free & animal only transport at this time. Seniors & those with pre- existing conditions may receive discounts. MORE

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Ambuvet is an active member of VECCS: veterinary emergency and critical care society-
AmbuVet is a USDA approved and recognized animal service provider in the United States for USDA standard of humane animal excellence
national association of veterinary technichians- AmbuVet pet transport east coast is an active member of NAVTA
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NYC's FIRST & ONLY 24HR Pet Ambulance Service & dispatch owned & operated by New York & Tri- State, Licensed Veterinary Technicians. We provide assisted, USDA Certified transport of animals to the veterinary facility of your choice. (*Remember to contact your Veterinary Clinic ahead of an AmbuVet pick up) Price list>