Pet Savings

Partner Coupons & AmbuVet Transport Discounts

of New York City

Receive an AmbuVet Service discount for owners of adopted animals from BARC or needing transport to Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. To adopt a pet click here

New York

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals AmbuVet transport discount applies to those who have donated to or adopted from the ASPCA. Please call Adoptions Department in New York City for pet info. (212) 876- 7700 Ext. 4120

North & South Brooklyn

Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group Brooklyn North & South. Transport discount applies to those referred by and needing transport to VERG.

Mayor's Animal Alliance

Receive an AmbuVet Service discount to clients of Mayor's Alliance for Animals of New York City & donors to Maddie's Fund. Discount also applies to APO's associated with the Alliance; helping to achieve and sustain a no-kill nation through its grant giving, hands-on animal care, and research and education.

Long Island Veterinary Specialists

Receive an AmbuVet Service discount to clients of Long Island Veterinary Specialists a 24/7 Emergency, Trauma & Specialty Care clinic. From pioneering veterinary procedures and treatments, to our unrivaled state-of-the-art pet animal hospital and pet emergency hospital located in Plainview New York, to our nationally recognized specialists, our standards are unsurpassed. (516) 501- 1700

free pet to vet special LIVS, BARC Long Island Vet or Brooklyn North, South Critical Care Transport

Promote your professional business and give your clients an invaluable emergency animal resource network. Get 5000 Business Cards for FREE when you partner with us! Business cards feature your design on front of card & AmbuVet logo on back.

There are times when a case needs to be sent to a referral hospital under very specific conditions. As Licensed Vet Tech's, we provide professional & compassionate care to critical transport animals via pet ambulance to any veterinary facility in New York City. AmbuVet® ensures the highest quality transport available. Call us today to discover the valuable service we can add to your team.

Call 1+ (800) Ambu- Vet for details

• PET AMBULANCE: 24/7 Staff are AVMA Licensed Vet Tech's & Red Cross certified

• PET EQUIPMENT: Two vehicles equipped with Oxygen, AmbuBags w/ Monometers, ET Tubes, Induction Tanks, Masks & Hydraulic Tables ( for oversized dogs & medical care of animals )

• CASE HISTORY: Fast transfer of pet medical history, with TPRs recorded every 5 minutes

• RETURN TRANSPORT: for post- operative or long-term care patients

• UNIFIED TEAMWORK: Work together complete C/B to every vet & pet owner

• DIRECT PAYMENT: We collect payment from client by cash or after 8pm Credit/ Debit Card
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