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Our VIP accompanied pet transport (relocation) service, is the absolute finest service in the world for pet transportation to any U.S. destination. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional pet shipping services, then our VIP service is for you. One of our caring pet relocation professionals and /or licensed veterinary technicians will travel along with your pet, and deliver to your destination door. This is the perfect option for pets that are not the best travelers, for smaller pets that need extra care and for strong pets that otherwise cannot obtain a health certificate for flight due to a previous medical history.

AmbuVet VIP service allows for specialized one-on-one time during transport. A licensed veterinary technician is there to monitor your pet during transit. We are able to provide everything and anything that is needed for accompanied door to door country wide pet travel. In addition to one of our professional handlers traveling along with your pet to the final destination, we are also able to provide proper documentation domestic and International health certificates, proper crates/ carriers, customs services, consolate services, layover management, Veterinary services and much, much more. With our AmbuVet VIP service there are no limits, we can accommodate all requests. If only the very best will do for your pet, our AmbuVet VIP service is for you.

  • VIP Pet Transport Services
  • Our Highest Level of Service
  • Unlimited Service Options
  • Layover Management
  • Door to door Accompanied Pet Transport Anywhere
  • Can Be Financed With Our Easy Finance Program

  • Additional Services:
  • Vet Services, USDA, Customs, and Consolate
    Services Provided WorldWide
  • Paperwork and Documents Prepared, and Provided For Pet Transport to All Countries

    AmbuVet has great relationships with our clients and their family member pets. Our family-owned pet ambulance service was founded in 2001 in the aftermath of 911 by Don Montes LVT a licensed veterinary technician in NYC. We have grown into one of the most comprehensive and well-respected pet ambulance companies in the U.S.

    As an USDA certified agency endorsed and appointed by more than 200 veterinarians, AmbuVet is your top choice for moving your pet. We set the bar for relocation pet moving standards with a personal touch. Learn more on our news page.

    We blend our love of animals with:
  • A unique understanding of the medical & psycho-social needs of relocating animals
  • Detailed knowledge of destination-based requirements
  • 13 year's leadership in pet ambulance and moving industry
  • 25 years' experience in veterinary medicine
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Value pricing

  • We may cost more than other similar services, but we provide quality, professional service to every client, every day.

    AmbuVet is a full service company that specializes in pet ambulance and door-to-door relocations. If you are looking for only flight bookings, please check out Our Resources section.

    Every pet relocation presents its own unique set of challenges and planning, and various elements can have a strong impact on the final price of the move. Your pet relocation costs are influenced by the type of pet you have, its weight and kennel size, departing & arriving locations, when you need to move and any special requests, like boarding and grooming services.

    YOUR PET'S MOVE IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Your pet moving expenses are a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and move is for purposes of a change of employment. Consult your tax adviser for further information.

    AmbuVet has the ability to pickup and deliver any pet, anywhere and at any time in the continental United States. Our door-to-door services are available in all U.S. cities and states. For complete door-to-door services of a small animal within the United Staes, a minimum of $1,000 USD is an average cost estimate. To request a transport quote of your pet and destination please contact us .

    Pet-Friendly Domestic Services Include:

  • Preparation/ consultation of travel
    expectations & questions
  • Arrangement of boarding & grooming
    services (if needed)
  • Assist in obtaining Health, Rabies &
    Travel Documents
  • Pickup at Residence/ Origin Location
  • Delivery to Residence/ Destination Location
  • Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations

  • Additional Services Include:
  • Delivery to Airport & Check-In
  • Airport Handling & Pet Supervision
  • Arrange for payment to airline, vet,
    kennel, pet carrier, etc.
  • Flight Research & Flight Booking

  • Pet-Friendly Airline Ticket - includes fuel surcharges & security fees
  • Pickup at Airport
  • Compliance with all TSA mandatory security measures
  • Background & TSA security checks on all drivers

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